Martim Vidigal


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I’m the goofy guy on the left, a photographer and retoucher focused on producing powerful commercial and editorial content. My passion is to create both product and lifestyle stills that capture each client’s values and identity, may it be a brand’s portfolio, an artist’s portrait, an architecture project, an action scene or the adrenaline of outdoor adventure sports.

Although I can’t remember exactly when I first picked up a camera, I can trace back my love and knowledge of photography to my uncle who taught me how to shoot and develop film when I was a teenager. Soon after that, rock climbing made me buy my first digital camera in 2005: a very used and neglected Nikon D70.

Years of inspiring adventures set in beautiful landscapes made me acquire a unique skill set that clearly influenced and defined my career path as a full-time photographer and a part-time stuntman and stunt rigger, even though I studied Biology and Physics at the University (long story).

Today, I have the knowledge, gear and experience to capture action, movement and beauty while reaching almost inaccessible points of view. I believe I have an eye for the unexpected and I’m committed to embrace every opportunity for creation and innovation.

If you feel connected to my work in any way do not hesitate to send me an email.

Let’s photograph together!

A little footnote: I did not wreck my camera while taking this picture.